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L_FMFRP is a novel fibre composite architectured material of articulated surface, airy internal structure and variable section. It is the product of an alternative process of FRP design and fabrication which integrates fabric materiality principles, suggesting mouldless fabrication of architectural FRP elements. Stacking of pleated sheets form a thick plate of intricate internal structure, blurring boundaries between matter and structure. L-FMFRP satisfies initial requirements for schematic loading configurations as architectural cladding. It presents a unique elasto-plastic behaviour, with a capacity for large quasi-elastic deformation as the generation of large displacement under load does not lead to failure. Examined here under repeated loading/unloading cycles, it demonstrates properties of hysteresis indicating the dissipation of energy within the system. Hysteresis loop is found as a property of its internal material architecture. Its capacity for energy dissipation outlines potential architectural application in the context of resilient building environments.

When: 2021

Where: IASS

With: Maurizio Brocato

Hysteretic behaviour

Hysteretic behaviour in FM-FRP architectured material


Architect by profession,

interdisciplinary designer by heart

Arielle Blonder

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