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FMFRP is a material system of fibre composites (FRP) that relies on the textile qualities of the composite material. The essential material qualities, attributes and design paradigms of textiles, with their associated techniques and technologies of fabrication and transformation, coined as Fabric Materiality (FM), serve as a starting point for this continuous research. Embedding FM in FRP generated the FMFRP material system and it suggests alternative design and fabrication processes of FRP architectural element, which facilitate contemporary architectural practices such as variation, surface articulation and complex morphologies. The development of layered FMFRP surface elements results in porous, articulated light-weight panels, potentially suitable for façade cladding applications. This paper describes the initial mechanical testing operated on this matter-structure, being a first step towards a confirmation of the suitability of FMFRP to architectural applications.

When: 2018

Where: IASS

With: Yasha Jacob Grobman, Pierre Latteur

Pleated facade

Layered Fabric Materiality in FRP Surface Elements


Architect by profession,

interdisciplinary designer by heart

Arielle Blonder

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