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“5 Moments” was curated and designed for the Tel Aviv Museum or Art, as the opening exhibition for its new Architecture gallery at the Herta and Paul Amir wing.

By parallel tracing of the architectural history of its five buildings over the past century, through models, infographics, interviews and archival materials, “5 Moments” reflects the cultural and urban trajectories of our Israeli society. With graphic designer Noam Schechter we developed infographic sets, visually synthesizing the comparative research across layers.

The project included research, curation, exhibition design, production and site management, as well as the editing of a book, which accompanied the exhibition.

When: 2011

Where: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

With: Yasha Jacob Grobman

For: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel 

5 Moments exhibition

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Architect by profession,

interdisciplinary designer by heart

Arielle Blonder

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