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The permanent exhibition of Molecular Biology at the new Carasso Science Park, inaugurated in July 2013 in Be’er Sheva. It targets the public of young adolescents, from 10 to 15.

The project included both the experience design, as well as the design of the exhibition space and identity. In 100 m2 are placed five main “stations”, in which a group of four goes through an experience. These are designed as structures based on wooden ribs, in skeletal organic shapes, while the ceiling’s space was treated with a system of white translucent tensioned membranes.

When: 2013

Where: Carasso Science Park, Be’er Sheba, Israel

With: Efrat Yedid Ben Ezra

For: Breeze creative for Carasso Science Park

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Architect by profession,

interdisciplinary designer by heart

Arielle Blonder

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