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A sensorial outdoor experience for children with disabilities, developed for Ilanot school in Jerusalem. The school Hosts 70 children aged from 6 to 21, each coping with various severe disabilities, both physical and mental. At the core of the overall refurbishment project of the school’s outdoor spaces is the upper courtyard, developed as a sensorial experience for the children, involving tactile, visual and auditory senses. ‘The Giving Tree’ stands at the heart of the space, a custom-made platform for multi-sensorial activities, involving mechanical and electrical devices.

Combining learning, training, therapy and fun in a playful environment, The Giving Tree was developed and designed to enable children of all levels and abilities the pleasure of autonomous play and a significant impact. It is the fruit of a long-term development process in collaboration with Omri Ben Artzi (Studio Omriba), the industrial designer and manufacturer of the elements (, with the advice of the school’s team of specialists in physical and emotional therapy of all kinds.

Adjacent to the main courtyard are a space for gardening therapy, and a space for animal assisted therapy.

The visual identity of the project was developed with AsWe branding and graphic design studio.

When: 2011-2016

Where: Jerusalem, Israel

With: Tali Cohen Anderson

For: JNF Canada for Ilanot School

Ilanot Outdoor

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Architect by profession,

interdisciplinary designer by heart

Arielle Blonder

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